Displaying Vacant Or Temporary Positions in the Organization Chart

SharePointOrgChart can be used to manage your organisations vacant or temporary positions. Displaying these within the organisation chart is made simple using the Vacant or Temporary Positions feature.

When configured SharePointOrgChart will create a list to contain the vacant or tempoarary positions within the organistion and automatically merges it into the main chart. A simple control allows end users to "Click and Create" new positions.

The Vacant or Temporary Positions supports all the existing chart data sources.

Starting with a Simple Organisation Chart

The page developer has create an Active Directory organization chart in SharePoint 2013 and wishes to display vacant positions within it.

One of the challenges of drawing an organization chart from AD ( or the UPS ) is that there is no facility to create a temporary position, SharePointOrgChart overcomes this limitation with the Vacant or Temporary Positions feature.

Configuring the Vacant Positions

To configure the Vacant or Temporary Positions the page developer simply places the webpart in "Edit" mode.

Then enters the name of a list that will be used to store the positions into the Vacant Posiitions List Name configuration property. SharePointOrgChart will automatically create the required lists. In this example the name CompanyVacantPositions has been used.

Checking the Show Add Positions Button will display the "Create Positions" button on each box.

Adding Vacant Positions

To create vacant or temporary positions the end user simply has to click the "Create Position" button that is displayed beneath each box. This creates a new position and automatically links it to the correct manager.

Vacant/Temporary positions can report to themselves, thus allowing a tempoarary structure to be created quickly.

Editing the Position

The end user can click on the View link to edit the position for example changing the title or deleting the position.

Securing the Vacant Positions

It may be a requirement to limit the ability to create vacant positions to certain people within an organization, for example the HR team. By default only people with Contribute rights to the vacant positions SharePoint list will see the "Create Positions" button.

Access can be restricted further by setting the Security Group Name. People within the group will see the "Create Position" button.

In this example only members of the HR Staff SharePoint group will be able to add vacant positions.

Extending the functionality.

The positions are stored in a SharePoint list and therefore the page author can add additional columns to the list to contain extra information about the position, for example a grade or closing date.

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